“I’m writing this to bear testament of the event that changed everything. It was a normal day, like most that came before it. Farmers working their lands. Traders and merchants peddling their wares. Children playing throughout the town. All seemed peaceful and serene. And then it happened…

The heavens went dark. The air grew cold. It was as if the Gods themselves had abandoned us all. In the days that followed, rumors and whispers could be heard of unspeakable horrors that were ravaging the countryside. People forced to leave their lands and seek refuge anywhere they could. Dark magic some say. Others think the Gods have turned on us. One thing is for certain; the threat is real and our time runs short. Please send help."

Wylen Baranor, Cannonreeve of Dunhelm

Sent to the Sanctis Council, on the continent of Prexus

The Schism